Brittany Wanner



Brittany Wanner was first inspired to live a healthier lifestyle after watching her father compete in Powerlifting meets at a young age. After accomplishing her goal of running a half marathon in college, Brittany tried CrossFit in 2012 at the suggestion of her father.
At the time, this ""cardio bunny" was terrified of a barbell, but now, seven years later, you'll be hard pressed to find her without one in her hands! Brittany loves any workout with a heavy barbell, especially a heavy snatch. She has competed in a number of competitions but most recently she competed as a scaled individual female at Wodapalooza in January 2019 and an RX individual female at The UG Games in Canada in July 2019.

Choosing to begin her CrossFit coaching career in 2017 was an easy transition for Brittany as she is a middle school special education teacher by day. She loves showing others that they can push themselves out of their comfort zone! Brittany is also extremely passionate about helping others improve their nutrition. She really enjoys educating people on how to use food as fuel and is a self-proclaimed #carbqueen!