The Open is over... now what?

During the Open we were all faced with challenges - many of us found that we just couldn't achieve a new gymnastics skill, or hit a wall of fatigue faster than anticipated. Others found that we need to get stronger in our Olympic lifts, or just in general. Everyone can always get faster and most of us found that we just need to get better at EVERYTHING!

No Kip November

I'm not going to tell you to do more Ring Rows. I’m also not saying that I can help you get this first pull up right after starting these exercises. But these tools will leave you WAY closer to your goal because the progressions are full of purpose and intent. You will also be surprised at how much this accessory work will impact ALL of your movements in the gym

Perfomance & Fitness

You might have noticed over the last few days some differences in the programming, particularly in the weightlifting sections. Starting next week we will be modifying our group class programming format to include two levels of participation. We will be implementing this out of our desire to best serve all our members. 

Open Prep Class - What's That?!

The Open Prep class is geared towards those members who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This can be either via the CrossFit Open or the various weekend competitions that come up during the year. The key difference between this class and our group classes is that the Open programming is aimed towards those who are training for a competition versus using CrossFit as a fitness program. 

Rest Days

Did you work out on Monday this week? And Tuesday?   
How about Wednesday?   
If Wednesday wasn't your rest day, Thursday needs to be! 
In Week 1 of your new program it's important not to jump in too hard. Even if you're used to working out, CrossFit is different. We know it's exciting to start a new routine, and you don't want to miss out on anything! 

However, it's also really important that you get adequate rest. Not resting the right amount can lead to overtraining. Risks of overtraining include: