Open Prep Class - What's That?!

Many of our athletes have found the competitive spirit in the sport of CrossFit. And for many others, they have found the competitive side to be fun, rewarding and exciting. And as the sport of CrossFit continues to grow, the individuals in our community are growing with it.

The Open Prep class is geared towards those members who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This can be either via the CrossFit Open or the various weekend competitions that come up during the year. The key difference between this class and our group classes is that the Open programming is aimed towards those who are training for a competition versus using CrossFit as a fitness program. This distinction is key as the competition program includes an increased volume of training as well as movements, skills, and competition techniques. Some of these elements are not included in our group class programming as they are not essential if you’re not competing.

The sport of CrossFit demands the athlete has a wide skill set. The journey to developing those skills and abilities is different for everyone.

Who can do the competition program? Anyone can. It is created for those who are interested in competing in higher level competitions and would want to compete in the "CrossFit Season." If the idea of doing the Open or a competition sounds appealing, this class could be for you.

While there are no entry standards to get into the Open Prep class, anyone interested should meet these certain criteria:

  • Actively CrossFitting for 6+ months
  • Upholding all of the movement standards without constant corrections
  • Must be able to complete the WODs with the Open weight (which usually means the programmed RX/Scaled/Masters division weights)
  • You must show that you are a smart athlete. Choosing weights that are appropriate for you and knowing when and how to scale

Movement Standards You do not need to have to be able to complete all of these movements. However they are benchmarks that you should be working on and striving for if you cannot complete them yet. Train your weaknesses and enjoy the process of getting better. Thats how competitors in any sport get better. Do what you cannot currently do until you can.

You should know what these movements are, and you should be on a path towards achieving them: Squat Snatch Squat Clean Chest to Bar Pull Ups Ring Dip 500m Row 1 Mile Run Handstand Push Up Rope climb Toes to Bar Wallballs Kettlebell Swings Double Unders Pistols Ring Muscle Ups Thrusters

The classes themselves are designed to be 1 hour and 15 minutes but will sometimes run to 90 minutes. Athletes are expected to be ready to go by the start of class time as there will be minimal warmup and drilling during class, leaving more time for coaching and working. There will sometimes be suggested warmups that might be done at the start of class, but mobility and stretching is encouraged to be done by the time class starts.

This class will be "lightly coached" as we will all be working out together.

For more information about exactly what the class is, come talk to Michele or me about further details. And, if you see someone in class that you think could benefit from this, mention the Open Prep Class to them. Maybe even come together. We want this to be another opportunity for more people, not a limiting opportunity for a few.

-- Coach Anthony