The Open is over... now what?

During the Open we were all faced with challenges - many of us found that we just couldn't achieve a new gymnastics skill, or hit a wall of fatigue faster than anticipated. Others found that we need to get stronger in our Olympic lifts, or just in general. Everyone can always get faster and most of us found that we just need to get better at EVERYTHING!

So with all of these skills in CrossFit, wha do you do first?

Step One: Talk to your Coach
A good coach should talk to you about your goals and help you evaluate your current skill set, and areas for improvement. A good coach will help you prioritize what to work on first. Click here to set up a Goals session with Michele or Anthony.

Step Two: Commit to CrossFit Classes and/or Personal Training 4-5 times per week
A little known fact about CrossFit is that people who train more are generally better at it.

Stop for a second though - that doesn't mean doing two sessions per day or adding an hour of cardio at night. That's usually referred to as overtraining and we don't advocate for that. Rest days are, in fact, more important than doing two-a-days and what's even more important is making the best use of your time in the gym.

A lot of us have very busy schedules. Priorize working out by signing up for your classes early in the weekand scheduling around them. Come in during Open Gym and work on the plan we help you with. Book a few Skills or PT sessions to add some consistency and specialized training. All PT doesn't have to be frequent or long term - sometimes it is just a few meetings to work on body awareness, core strength or to review movements that are giving you trouble on a regular basis.

Step Three: That Food thing:
Oh yeah - You can't expect to eat from Rico Pollo everyday and make gains. But that doesn't mean you have to count your macros, weigh your food and avoid alcohol 100%. Coach Juan can help you with a basic nutrition plan, or support you more as needed.

But we've all got to at least THINK about what we eat. Even if it just means jotting it down and then checking back after our workouts to see how our performance was affected.

Above all, consume protein (potentially with carbs) directly after a workout. If you're one of the many who does not want to eat after a hard workout, come chat with us about protein shakes. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat your veggies.

Step Four : Take care of yourself:
As we age the amount of aches and pains that consume our bodies just seems to increase. Sitting at a desk or in a car all day is not optimal for anyone. We've got some great recommendations for massage therapists and chiropractors who can help you with anything and everything. Think of your body like a car or bicycle - it needs maintenance, especially when we're trying to clean 185 or pull our bodies up on top of a pull-up bar.

Step Five: It's all in your head
How many times during a workout does a little voice tell you to quit? Did you question your sanity aroun the 20th thruster of 19.5? How did you respond to yourself?
Great athletes can "flip that switch" and dive in. Their bodies have great muscle memory and they can move through the reps, making each one look and feel the same.
So be positive!
I can do three more
It's just 7 minutes; I can drink my water after
I will get to the Rx weight soon, right now 75 is right for me

It's all totally doable. We just have to have a plan and COMMIT TO IT.

So go ahead and schedule that session with us.
We're here for you.