CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel is committed to assisting everyone reach their fitness goals, regardless of skill level. Our small classes combine strength training, functional mobility, and high intensity interval workouts with personal attention from experienced coaches to help you form long-term healthy habits. It’s just like having a personal trainer, but in an intimate group setting and at a much more affordable rate.

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Did you work out on Monday this week? And Tuesday?   How about Wednesday? If Wednesday wasn't your rest day, Thursday needs to be! In Week 1 of your new program it's important not to jump in too hard. Even if you're used to working out, CrossFit is different. We know it's exciting to start a new routine, and you don't want to miss out on anything! However, it's also really important that you get adequate rest. Not resting the right amount can lead to overtraining. Risks of overtraining include:   

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