We hold Strongman classes on alternating Saturday afternoons.  

But what exactly do we do in these classes?

Long before the first barbell was ever invented human beings were using every day, odd shaped objects to hone their strength and skills. From the Vikings in Iceland to the Levantadores in the Mountains of Spain, feats of strength have long been revered. Using modern equipment to replicate these movements, the STRONGMAN program abandons the traditional barbell and incorporates “real life” lifting. Sandbags, yokes, logs, sleds, atlas stones, tires and farmers handles are used for natural movements in the ultimate test of Core to Extremity power. So whether you're a seasoned lifter looking to take your fitness to the next level, or someone who has never set foot in the gym before, the STRONGMAN program is for you.


Strongman FAQ

Why should I sign up? Do I need to do this all the time?
Feel free to pop into a Strongman session once in awhile! While the classes definitely build on what you’ve done previously, each class is different and can be scaled to a beginner. There is plenty of instruction time and the classes are capped at 8-10 students.

Is the class open to non-members?
Absolutely! If you attend another CrossFit gym, go to World Gym or those purple guys, you are more than welcome to attend. Each session is $25, regardless of who you are. You can purchase a 10 pack for $200 as well to save some money.

But I’m not strong [yet]! Are you sure there are no pre-requisites?
We have equipment and tools for EVERYONE! Just have fun!

CrossFit Bridge & Tunnel is an official USAW Barbell Club, serving the Ridgewood/Glendale, Queens and Bushwick, Brooklyn areas

Strongman classes happen 1-2x a month.

We announce them on Instagram, Facebook & in Wodify.

Classes are $25/session, open to members and non-members. Punch cards are available as well.